Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Go big or go home!

That’s what some people think when they start their own business. They think they have to build a  company with employees, lots of customers and annual revenue growth.

What’s wrong with starting a company so you can make a good living, pay your bills, save a little and enjoy job satisfaction?

I met a woman at a luncheon I moderated for Women in Business.

She built a very successful adventure travel company. She was traveling all over the world, escorting groups to exotic parts of the globe that people haven’t even hear of.

The stress, the work-load and the travel took a toll and she ended up in the hospital.

It was this wake-up call that made her rethink about her goal of being an entrepreneur.

She knew that something had to give. She made the decision to become a “lifestyle entrepreneur”. She gave up the 80 plus hour works weeks, the back- to- back travel, cut her staff and reframed her business.

Today she works contract jobs for extra income. She still travels to exotic destinations-just less frequently.

She calls herself a “lifestyle entrepreneur”.

Her health is restored and she’s in balance with her personal and professional life.

She makes no apologies for her conscious choice-she is a very happy and fullfilled entrepreneur.

There isn’t a better role model for a life style entrepreneur that I know of. She’s still living her dreams, just on her own terms and nobody else’s.