Employee to Entrepreneur: are you ready? 5 questions to ask yourself.

Italk to allot of women who are getting serious about becoming an entrepreneur. The transition usually doesn’t happen over night. Most have been considering some kind of self- employment for a while.

Some women have a clear idea about what kind of a business that they want to start and many just know they want to get started but have no idea what they should do.

They are just sure that the time is right to do something.

So if you know that want to start a business but not sure what it should be, ask yourself  questions to get going.

  1. What are you passionate about? Is there an interest that you have that excites you and you feel exceptionally energized by?
  • What’s your experience or background that you can apply to your new endeavor? Many successful entrepreneurs completely transition into a new career without any experience in their new field. Many people use their previous experience to launch their own companies and leverage their contacts to get started. Can you parlay your background and build off of your credibility?
  • Are you financially ready to get started? Do you have money to bankroll your self for 6-12 months? Getting your business started usually takes longer and costs more than most entrepreneurs anticipate.
  • Do you have the support that you need to back you up? Don’t under estimate the importance of having your family and friends support you and your business.
  • Do you have the resources you need to find information that will help you? There are thousands of organizations and web-sites for you to get  information from. It’s easy to get over-whelmed with so much to learn. Pick 5-10 resources that become your “go to” places to gather information that will help you the most get in your business.

It’s a new year.  If you’ve been considering starting a new business, there is no better time than the start of the new year. The important thing is to just get started.