4 Sales Tips That You Can Implement Today

For many entrepreneurs, selling their product or service is their biggest challenge.

We’re good practioners or we believe in the quality or the value of the product we’ve created, we’re just not as comfortable selling products or ourselves that we want to be.

Selling may not be natural for you ever-but here are a few ideas that can make selling easier.

  1. Develop a list of two spheres of influence.

Your first tier is people that you know personally who can help you with your business. They can either buy what you are selling or can introduce you to people who can.

Your second tier is a list of people that you know indirectly that may also be interested in your product or service. Connect with them, either directly or by way of introduction, and let them know about your new business.

Once you have your two lists of spheres of influence, prioritize the people you want to connect with and start contacting them.

Keep track of the person you contacted, the date and the outcome of the meeting.  Even if your initial conversation or meeting did not yield anything, check in quarterly to see if anything has changed.

  • Know your best time of day and set up meetings when you know you have your A game on.

Are you a morning or an afternoon person?

If you know that you are sharpest in the morning, then do your best to schedule your meetings when you are energetic and focused. The same holds true in the afternoon.

You have far more control of setting up days of the weeks and times for meetings than you think you do.

  • When you ask for an appointment with a potential customer, ask for a meeting on a specific date at a specific time.

I always have far greater success getting meetings when I give a certain date and time rather than asked for “your earliest convenience”.

  • Practice your pitch on low probability customers.

One of the best ways you can get more comfortable selling is to practice selling to customers that are less likely to buy from you. They don’t have to know that you think they are a low probability target-but they get to learn about your product or service and you get the benefit of learning from them what resonates and what you need to refine.

Create a tier 3 sphere of influence and build a list of customers that are less likely to buy from you, but provide valuable experience as you develop your selling skills.

Selling for your business may never be top on the list of things you like to do as an entrepreneur, however following these steps can make it easier.