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“You need to be prepared and then have to take the leap. Something is going to stick. You have to get out there and try. Rely on expertise and don’t be afraid to ask for help.” – Mary Budge, Owner, Budge Law Offices

Ready to take your idea from a concept to a company?

Start Your Business is a 12- week program that moves you through different modules that results in a comprehensive Business Plan that is the blue print for you to start and grow your company.

Every Monday, you’ll get the module for the week sent to you so you can get started on the topic. You’ll want to pace your-self and allow plenty of time to do the research and spend the time to be smart and thoughtful about your strategies that will work for your business.

Each module is action oriented and gives the insights about what you have to do to build a sustainable business.

Week 1: Proof of Concept Module

You have a clear idea of your product or your service, this module goes into depth with clearly defining the exact concept, the value proposition and the benefits statement of why your customers will buy what you are selling.

Week 2: Customer Profile Module

You know what you are selling and the benefits, now it’s time to define the characteristics and demographics of your customers. This module gets you focused on how you need to sell to your customers.

Week 3: Competition Module

It’s important to know who you are competition is and what their business strategies are. You’ll complete this module with insights about what you need to do in your own business to out-smart the competition and grow your company.

Week 4: Pricing Strategy Module

What will you charge for your product or service? What does the market bear? In this module, you’ll develop different strategies for your business; prices for your launch, promotional pricing, loyalty programs for repeat customers hourly rates and projects for the professional services, are part of the work you’ll do in this module. Plus you’ll face your fears of setting a price that is too high or too low.

Week 5: Marketing Module

In this module, you’ll develop a well defined plan that is realistic and one that can be executed using traditional marketing strategies as well as Social Media to market your business. And you’ll build a marketing calendar that helps you to stay focused.

Week 6: Your Unique Brand Module

What makes your product or service better and different than your competition? In this module, you’ll get very clear about your own brand and identity and stand out in a crowded field.

Week 7: Sales Strategy Module

This module gives you the strategies and tactics for what you need to do to find your customers, leverage your contacts and start building a data-base.  You’ll develop your weekly sales goals and know exactly what you need to do to grow your business.

Week 8: Getting Comfortable Selling and Sales Messaging Module

This key module is designed very specifically to get you more comfortable selling your own service or product. This part of running a business is what makes most women the most uncomfortable-the actual selling of their business. You’ll finish this module with confidence about your ability to make sales calls and deliver a clear sales message.

Week 9: Credentials and Credibility Module

This module goes hand in hand with the previous module. In this module you’ll complete an extensive narrative exercise that is designed to have you review your work experiences, summarize your strengths and extract parts of your background that you need to be talking about to build your credibility.

Week 10: Financial Basics Module

Getting off to the right start financially in your business is critical for long- term success. This module gets you started on the right foot for financial basics you need to have for running a business. You will create a budget, track your revenue and expenses and develop revenue projections. Plus you’ll learn about basics like self employment taxes to keep you on track financially.

Week 11:  Calendar Module

In this module you’ll create a monthly calendar to keep you focused on what you need to do each month to keep advancing your business. You’ll incorporate weekly sales goals and marketing initiatives to ensure that your activities are leading to the results you want for your business.

Week 12: Your Business Plan Module

All of the previous 11 modules are building blocks to incorporate into your Business Plan. This final module is the key to building a plan that is well designed and comprehensive and gives you the roadmap for success for your business.

How much does the Start Your Business program cost?

The cost is $1,597 and includes the 12 modules and 6-1 hour coaching calls to work with you on your strategies.

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