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Grow Your Business Program The Womens Excelerator

This program is customized for you and your business.

If you are ready to grow or maybe need to pivot and take your business in a new direction, then this program is right for you. It’s a combination of a full review of your business and intense business coaching and strategy work.

Nathalie Wilson, President, Zydeco Design

“Your brand is constantly growing, morphing, and changing just as you are.” – Nathalie Wilson, President, Zydeco Design

Here’s what we look at first:

  • The current state of your business
  • Your service or product offerings
  • Sales results in the last 12 months
  • Your sales message and value proposition for your customers
  • Your current customer data base and how to build the data base
  • Marketing initiatives that have worked and the ones that haven’t
  • What’s your pricing strategy and is it giving you the results you want
  • Your financial picture and looking at your revenues, expenses and budgets
  • Who’s your competition and what are they doing in the market place

Once we’ve reviewed your business, then it’s time to develop new strategies to get your business growing. We’ll develop together new strategies for:

  1. How to find more customers
  2. How to sell your service or product more effectively
  3. Implementing traditional and Social Media marketing strategies that work
  4. Pricing your service or product that is profitable for your business
  5. A financial plan that works for your business
  6. Out-selling and out- smarting your competition

How much does the Grow Your Business program cost?

The cost is $1,799 and you decide if you want 3 month, weekly coaching sessions or prefer to work bi-weekly over 6 months.

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