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Explore Starting a Business The Womens Excelerator

You think you want to start a business, but not sure what business to start or how you can make a living doing your own thing?

Whether you want to continue to work full time and start a business on the side or you are ready to start a business full time, this program will give you the clarity and direction you need to take the first steps.

This 4 -week program let’s you fully explore different ideas that that connect to your interests, your passions and your experience.

Kay Frandsen Wabi Sabi Shop

“Really get to know who you are at your core. You have to have a passion, a real love, a commitment deep inside yourself. You can’t go in with rose colored glasses. You need to prove to yourself that your idea is worthwhile.” – Kay Frandsen (left), Owner, Wabi Sabi Shop

Each module is a building block to help you determine what is the right business to pursue. You complete each week’s module at your own pace and at the end of 4 weeks you will be on track to start working on your own Business Plan.

Week 1: Readiness Assessment Module

You’ll start with this assessment to consider your emotional and financial readiness to pursue starting a business. This extensive assessment tool helps you to look at your own strengths and weaknesses, your background, your support network and finances and helps you determine what your next steps are.

Week 2: Ideation Module

This module gets your ideas for a business flowing as you consider what gets you excited, what interests you and what are you good at.  Every idea at this stage is a possibility as you consider a range options that you can pursue.

Week 3: Focus and Feasibility Module

This module narrows your focus as you consider realistic ideas that fit your interests and background. Here you will make a connection with what you like to do, what you are good at, where your experience has a role, and the market for your business. The result is 3-5 realistic ideas for a business that have potential.

Week 4: Customers and Competition Module

Now that you’ve determined 3-5 ideas, this module will help you to have a realistic view of who would buy your product or service and the competition in this market. You’ll be better prepared to understand your customers and how to find and sell to them.

This program is designed to get you started on your path to starting your own business and set realistic expectations about your ideas.

How much does the Explore Starting a Business program cost?

Interested in just doing the work on your own for now? Then sign up for the Explore Exercises for $197 you will get a packet each week with exercises and templates that will get you on your path to discovery.

Do you want feedback and coaching? For $297, you’ll get new templates and exercises each week for 4 weeks plus 2-30 minute one on one coaching calls to talk about your ideas and strategy to move forward.

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