Business Coaching

The Women’s Excelerator Offers Three Business Coaching Programs

Business Coaching

“Thanks to The Women’s Excelerator for such good information on understanding finances and legal matters. As a start-up, we often don’t know what we dont’ know and you helped me to begin visualizing what I need to do next. This is a great format for a start-up or anyone who owns their own small business and wants to keep improving it.” – Lisa T.

Ritzy Anderson Shape Me

“Starting a business can be a challenge – so be yourself. My advice is don’t give up. You need to work hard and be patient.” – Ritzy Anderson, President, Shape Me Fitness

The Women’s Excelerator provides advanced business coaching for women, locally in the Twin Cities and virtually across the country. We have worked with hundreds of small businesses in the past several years ranging from the development of their Business Plans to Sales and Marketing strategies and preparation for bank loan applications.

Many women are successful practitioners, they are excellent in their professions. What holds women back from their full potential is selling and marketing their business.

Is this you? Do you know that the service or the product that you offer will provide value and make a difference with the clients that you work with? Yet-is your confidence low when it comes to selling and marketing your business? You are not alone. If only the Field of Dreams theory worked that simple: “If you build it-they will come.”

Working with a Business Coach is one of the best investments you can make, whether you are just starting out or already in business.

Here’s what to expect when you work with The Women’s Excelerator

  • A fully developed Business Plan
  • Sales strategies to find your customers and be confident on your sales call
  • Marketing strategies that work. How can you market your business in a crowded field and stand out
  • Know the right price for your service or product
  • Credentials Credibility gets you confident and comfortable talking about your background and leveraging in your business
  • We use Basecamp® and The Women’s Excelerator Start-Up Journal® with all of our clients to ensure that you are tracking your goals, milestones and being accountable for your goals of advancing your business.
  • You work with women that understand you, your strengths and weaknesses, where you need help with strategy and when you need a gentle (or hard) push out of your comfort zone and into the business of building your business.

Do you know you want to start a business and need some more direction, then Explore Starting a Business is for you. Do you have a business concept for a product or service and need help launching, then Start Your Business is for you. Already in business and ready to take it to the next level, then Grow Your Business is for you.

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